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Eulalie - A Song

Like most Long Islanders who's testosterone was at full tilt during the 1980's, I was a big ZEBRA fan. Still am. The guys in the band are great buddies too! One recent Sunday night during my shift at WBAB, we broadcast a live ZEBRA concert. it was then that I thought, "Hey! Let's get them involved!" Trouble was, since drummer Guy Gelso lives in New Orleans, it would be difficult to get them all in one studio. So, we all decided that Randy and Felix would contribute solo efforts.

Randy and I had many phone conversations about what we could do. The final decision was to set a Poe poem to music. When I saw the words to Eulalie - A Song it immediately reminded me of a ZEBRA song. I faxed it over to Randy and he loved it.

Fast forward a few months.

I'm now in the WBAB studios editing and mixing the CD with Ed Banas and John Lorefice. In walks Randy with a DAT in his hands. He did the whole song just a few hours before! (Sometimes last minute is best I guess.)

When we played it, it blew us all away! It's so beautiful! It reminded me not only of ZEBRA, but also The Beatles (John Lennon especially), and even Led Zepplin. I made a cassette tape and played it over and over, until the song became one with my brain! When I played it for my wife Kathy, she was totally captivated! "It sounds like it's always been here."

Thanks to Randy, it will be from now on.

- Dennis Daniel

read the original text Words by: Edgar Allan Poe
Vocals by : Randy Jackson
Music by: Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson Comments:

At first, I thought... since it was Edgar Allan Poe... that it had to be a dark song. When I read the "lyrics" I realized that I was dead wrong! Eulalie - A Song is a celebration of love! I got rid of my pre-judgement of Poe and wrote music based on the "lyrics" of Eulalie. I stayed away from writing a new theme song to The Pit and the Pendulum (my first Poe experience).




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