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Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

The short stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe are for the ages. A master of prose and poetry abide in the realms of the macabre and the bizarre, Poe was also a great writer of love poems. His The Raven, Annabel Lee and The Sleeper are three of the most heart-wrenching poems ever written about the loss of a loved one. He is also the creator of the first detective story, The Murders In the Rue Morgue. The 40 years he spent on this earth were both productive and extremely tragic. (Poe was an alcoholic. His young wife died at an early age from TB.) This is why his stories and poems rign so true, even today. Things like "horror," "sorrow," grief" and... in some works... "joy"... are emotions that define the human condition. The grace and style of his prose and poetry is matched by the sense of believability and shared experience. When you read Poe, you feel Poe. Point of fact, we all are Poe.

What Is The Poe Project?

The Saltare Foundation for The Arts, in cooperation with TOPLINE, Promote LONG ISLAND (PROLINY), The Long Island Radio Broadcasters Association (LIRBA), the Long Island Voice, Five Towns College and Long Island Internet Headquarters have joined forces to create an event within the timely season of Halloween that links itself to the master, Poe. This event was designed to help broaden Long Island's cultural landscape by creating an event that involves the cooperation of our young people, who will contribute to the staging of the event through TOPLINE's intern program. Our goal is to make Long Island a vital center of the arts for the young, so they will stay on the Island and help it to thrive, as well as helping to support worthy charities. The event includes the release of a CD featuring his works, a reading and dance series at several libraries, and a show on the night of Thursday, October 29th at Five Towns College where live readings, original music and dance will be combined in a celebration of the season and the works of Poe. All proceeds from this month long event will be donated to Promote LONG ISLAND charities. (Saltare, The Anti-Defamation Leage and Bethany House.)

The Poe Project CD

This multi-layered cultural event begins with the creation of The Poe Project CD. An omnibus compilation of Poe's poems, original songs about Poe, and the short story "The Black Cat", read by prominent Long Island disc jockey's from WBAB, WBLI, WALK, WRCN, WBZO and WLIR, along with guest appearances by Newsday's Ed Lowe, Gary Owens (of Laugh-In, Gong Show and Voice-Over fame), world famous cartoonist Gahan Wilson (who also donated artwork), the members of the rock band ZEBRA, TOPLINE voice over talent and an impressive list of local Long Island bands, culled from the Long Island Voice series of CD's, who will be creating original music to go along with the readings and dances. This CD will be made available for free in the beginning of October through ads in the LIV. The production and distribution of the CD will be made possible by the Long Island Voice and sponsors. The LIV will also contribute full page ads to help promote the CD. TOPLINE will contribute all artwork and design elements for the CD, posters and ads.

Poe Night at Five Towns College - October 29th 8pm
The Poe Night at Five Towns College

On the night of Thursday, October 29th, beginning at 8pm, Five Towns College will host an hour and a half show that will feature live poetry and short story readings, dance and live music. There will be a half hour meet and greet session in the lobby after the performance.

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As part of Saltare's and PROLINY's commitment to the community, a shorter version of the Poe Program is available for schools and libraries. The entire program has been made appropriate for children age 6 and up. To find out how to book a performance, call Saltare Foundation for the arts at
5 1 6 - 5 8 8 - 5 9 0 0.
Ask for Adesola Akinleye or contact Desiree atterson at the Suffolk Cooperative Library System.

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