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The Track List -- CD #1

  1. Alone
    Something Fishy

  2. Introduction to Life
    Bob Buchmann/Sheryl Minter/
    Paul Brokaw/Joseph Refano

  3. City in the Sea
    John Waite/Alan Hewitt

  4. The Conqueror Worm
    Randy Jackson

  5. Hop Frog
    Dennis Daniel/Tom Schizzano

  6. The Happiest Day
    Paula Curci/Mike Sapone/
    Jimmy Halperin

  7. A Dream
    Rob Jeantet/Dave Isaacs

  8. To
    Richard Rose/Jordan River/
    Vanesa Jimenez

  9. The Poetic Principle
    Bob Buchmann/Sheryl Minter/
    Paul Brokaw/Joseph Refano

  10. For Annie
    Jeanne Fontana/Jim Dexter

  11. Song To
    Monsignor Tom Hartman/John Tabacco

  12. To My Mother
    Vic the Latino/Blind Insight

  13. Introduction (Romance)
    Joel Martin/Thomas Santorelli

  14. Dreamland
    Chris Merwin

  15. A Paeon
    Ed Banas/Lee Wolf

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