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The Poe Projects have been a great example of the power of the Arts; the power to cross time and space: Edgar Allan Poe, one artist inspiring other artists across time, across disciplines, across generations and cultures. A true artist can do this with their work.

I have always been interested in how words paradoxically conjure up for the reader pictures and events that cannot be put into words. Here in the spaces between words we find worlds that are common to the human experience. Worlds that dance and music that illuminates. Saltare was founded to make this experience more accessible in the hope that a shared experience will promote a shared understanding. I believe that Arts are the only honest way we can explore our world and prepare our future, not just reflecting the world we live in, but creating a world we could live in.

It has been wonderful to watch the Poe Project develop and see very different artists work together, pushing and stretching their own boundaries. The work that has been produced speaks for itself as a testimony that Long Island has a varied and diverse community of artists, which is a great relief to me living here!

Adesola Akinleye
Artistic Director
Saltare Foundation for the Arts

It was a Wednesday afternoon and the rain was coming down in buckets all over Long Island! The thunder and lightning was fantastic! Huge boomers with bright flashes! I was sitting in my car listening to tracks from the double CD you now hold in your hands. Poe would have been proud! The combination of thunderous weather with these thunderous performances gave me chills!

Even without the atmospherics, this collection is sure to impress. Herein lies a diverse collection of interpretations from the very heart of the Long Island talent scene. Each piece brimming with its own unique life, giving the words and legacy of Edgar Allan Poe new meaning and vitality.

Pleasant dreams.

Dennis Daniel
Poe Project II (1999)
Project Coordinator

Dennis extends special thanks to: Walter Wojnicki, Dr. Hal Baron, Sondra Baron, Mickey DePaola, Gahan Wilson, and Jeffrey Wands.

As with any project this size, there are a multitude of people who have assisted in making it become a reality. A very few special thanks to those who were instrumental to this project and to me: To John Waite, Alan Hewitt and Chris Arnstein for taking time out of their whirlwind schedules and joining in this project that is so close to my heart. To my dearest friends and coworkers: John Romano -- you are the one who makes it happen and keeps me there; Amy Medina -- you continually amaze me with the ability you have to translate my visions into reality; EB Stone -- for forever being my bridge when the waters rise too high; and Ed White -- you appeared out of nowhere and made the difference. My never-ending thanks to the artists and individuals who played a part in making the vision of the Poe Project succeed once again this year. The project would not be what it is without each one of you.

Hugs to all -- Kat

Kathi Livornese
Creative Director
Long Island Internet Headquarters
Glass Castle Web Design

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