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from Chris Merwin...
"This song is a mournful interpretation of the poem Dreamland. The poem is dark and haunting and I feel the music echoes this. The main instrument on this track is a Weissenborn Hawaiian Guitar. It's played flat on the lap with a steel bar instead of fingers. It has a sweet and almost transparent sound. At the same time, this instrument, which is about 75 years old, has a rich deep element to its sound. These characteristics made it the obvious choice for this piece. There is a Japanese Shakuhachi flute at the beginning and an Irish Pennywhistle at the end. These were also chosen for their ethereal qualities. I feel the spirit of the poem is embodied in the sounds of these instruments and the choice of melodies and chords."

Read by: Joel Martin
Music performed and produced by:
Thomas Santorelli (ASCAP)
©1999 Santorelli Music (BMI)
Classical Guitar used was an Alvarez-Yairi

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